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The transportation industry has rediscovered its strength through the tremendous cooperation of IoT. We cannot deny the fact that our lives are hugely dependent on transportation. Be it for every day travelling, destination travelling, delivery of fresh food to the market, delivery of items ordered online….all run successfully through the smooth operations of transportation. With the intention to make the transportation industry perform even better, IoT has introduced several new ways through which the transportation industry can strengthen its performance. No doubt that in today’s times, transportation is approachable to public transit, shipping, riding, sharing and an abundant amount of convenience. With the boon of IoT, the transportation industry has gathered the resources through which innovation and adaptation has become a cakewalk.

The following paragraphs express how IoT in transportation and logistics industry has solved occurring problems from a sunrise to the same sunset.

Monitors Vehicles Status

Being aware of the ways through which cars and other vehicles work is a huge deal for the owners. Understanding vehicles could get challenging as they are kind of complicated pieces of machineries. When it comes to businesses that deal in fleet of vehicles, IoT intelligence helps them in saving millions of dollars by predicting the possibilities of a vehicle break down in the middle of the route. Along with this, IoT optimizes various other factors apart from vehicle health. Fuel consumption and idle time tops the list. This reduces the business cost and frees the drivers from monotonous and danger prone tasks. Example: Manual reporting.

Enhances Fleet Logistics

Fleet management is not limited to managing vehicles alone. IoT supports fleet logistics to explore a different dimension altogether. Tracking successful shipments, optimizing the shipping & delivery of routes, reducing costs generated by logistics’ inefficiencies, enhancing bottom lines and more are what IoT does effortlessly. Consolidating data related to weather advisories and road blocks helps to minimize obstacles that challenge smooth fleet logistics operations. Through the IoT based strategies, fleet logistics has successfully overcome the troubles of any type in no time.

Redefines Vehicle Ownership

These days, it has been observed that car owners are focusing on carpooling services rather than using their own cars. This is because the commercial car services are much cost effective and takes care of the customers in supreme ways. The car services have become so strong that different models of cars and bikes could be seen on the road along with the personal cars of individuals. In fact, the hard cold data from various surveys reveal that within the next 7 to 8 years, the utilization of cars will reduce by 80% and individuals will invest in the cost effective car/carpooling services. IoT has been supporting such car services to expand in ways that not only highlights customer security in a cost effective ways but also provides various suggestions based on which these services can grow effective with the flow of time. Since the time these services were introduced in the market, a significant reduction in the car ownership has been noticed. This is not only good for the environment as a significant reduction in the pollution could be noticed.

Speeds Up Vehicle Movement

This might make you think that traffic is the only reason that slows down the vehicle’s speed, but it is not like that. IoT has the potential to choose the most traffic free routes for any vehicle to reach the destination in minimum time. Along with this, for the delivery of environment sensitive products like oil, gas, brittle items and more require routes that do not have any hurdles in them.

Crafts Better Inventory Management

Fetching the real time information about the production center, warehouse, distribution map helps the transportation industry to cuts down the cost of inventory. Once the inventory cost has been managed, improving predictive maintenance happens in a blink of an eye. The occurrence of managerial errors in inventory could be easily curbed through the IoT strategies. The impact of data collected by the IoT sensors has the potential to legalize and heighten inventory management.


IoT is a boon to any industry. Especially the transportation industry has taken several leaps forward to betterment and growth by harnessing the power of the IoT. By combining security networks and monitoring vehicle performance and locations with IoT, businesses across the world have discovered the ability to overcome all the challenges that disturb the transportation industry from successfully completing their tasks. Safe transportation is on the top of the wish list of anyone at all. IoT assures safe transportation that efficiently traces the minute chances of any mishap en route much beforehand. Sending alerts immediately to protect people from any type of accidents is what IoT has been doing efficiently. With world-class mobility and location technology availability, IoT has managed to erase the inefficiencies that bogged down the transportation industry for so long. With IoT the transportation industry has a long way to go!

Author Bio:

Sanjeev is the founder of Biz4Intellia Inc., one of the leading IoT development companies in USA. He is extremely passionate about the Internet of Things and keeps on exploring the possibilities unleashed by IoT on a constant note. At Biz4Intellia, his concrete focus on building a rapid growing, market-driven organization that delivers influential enterprise IoT solutions, is simply unmatchable!

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