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Kazakhstan thanks Russia for help in fighting coronavirus New! 2020-07-14 09:00:17Arman Kyrykbayev, the secretary of the country's ruling party Nur Otan, stressed that it was particularly important to ensure cyber security in the c

Russian wrestler Makhov to be awarded 2012 London New! 2020-07-14 08:44:23The gold and silver medals at that time went to Uzbekistan’s Artur Taimazov and Georgia’s Davit Modzmanashvili respectively, but both were

Russian hi-tech firm develops mobile anti-drone system New! 2020-07-14 08:37:59The system can identify a drone under the ‘friend or foe’ principle without an operator’s participation

Armenia reports death of two officers on border New! 2020-07-14 08:32:18On July 12, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry informed of an attempt by the Armenian Armed Forces to attack the republic’s positions in the direc

Russian shipbuilders to lay down four warships, two New! 2020-07-14 08:18:49Among theam are Project 22350 two frigates, Project 885M ‘Yasen-M’ two multi-purpose nuclear-powered submarines and Project 23900 two mult

Bomb threats reported in five buildings in Moscow, New! 2020-07-14 08:02:10None of the buildings has been evacuated

Kremlin concerned by clashes on Azeri-Armenian border New! 2020-07-14 07:54:42Moscow has called on both sides to exercise restraint

Jereh Turbine Fracturing Pump Completes 1,000-Hour Field Test New! 2020-07-14 07:38:01

Over 50 countries submit purchase requests for anti-COVID-19 New! 2020-07-14 07:12:46The production of the drug has been increased to 300,000 courses a month

Three Russian servicemen injured in explosion in Syria’s New! 2020-07-14 06:40:27An improvised explosive device detonated near the settlement of Erikha during a joint Russian-Turkish patrol of the M4 highway

Russia records 6,248 new daily coronavirus cases New! 2020-07-14 06:13:15This is the lowest number since April 29

Azerbaijani general killed in armed clashes on border New! 2020-07-14 06:01:33

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US Actor Nick Cannon Under Fire For Claiming New! 2020-07-14 23:43:35Nick Cannon is an American actor, singer, producer, rapper and a television host, who was previously married to a singer Mariah Carey. Currently, he h

Trump Niece Calls on POTUS to ‘Resign’ Following New! 2020-07-14 23:18:35On Tuesday, Mary Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump’s late brother, Fred Trump Jr., published a book titled ‘Too Much and Ne

Beijing Denounces US 'Hong Kong Autonomy Act', Vows New! 2020-07-14 22:01:36Earlier on Tuesday, Trump signed legislation to suspend US preferential treatment for Hong Kong and envisaged sanctions against Chinese officials resp

Clashes Erupt at Anti-Netanyahu Protest in Jerusalem - New! 2020-07-14 21:57:10TEL AVIV (Sputnik) - Clashes between Israeli police and protesters angry at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his continued hold on power broke ou

Fauci Urges US to Repair Broken Ties With New! 2020-07-14 21:23:00WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - During a virtual address to students at Georgetown University, the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectiou

Biden Rolls Out $2Trln Climate Change Plan Aiming New! 2020-07-14 21:17:34In his "Build Back Better" agenda, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden focuses largely on climate change, aiming at trying to "ac

NYT to Move Part of Its Hong Kong New! 2020-07-14 21:14:19The announcement came after US President Donald Trump signed a new executive order that purports to "hold China accountable for its repressive action

‘Complicit Barbie’: Ivanka Trump Scolded After Telling Unemployed New! 2020-07-14 21:02:47The hashtag “#ByeIvanka” began trending on Twitter Tuesday morning after Ivanka Trump, US President Donald Trump daughter as well as senio

Family of Canadian Child Stranded in Syria Files New! 2020-07-14 20:59:34TORONTO (Sputnik) - A Canadian family sued the federal government for failing to repatriate their child from a Syrian refugee camp, court documents re

‘Disgusting and Horrific’: Trump Admin Bypasses CDC Database, New! 2020-07-14 20:57:07Starting Wednesday, the Trump administration is demanding that US hospitals bypass the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and send al

Over 60 Canadian Lawmakers Call for Sanctions on New! 2020-07-14 20:30:18TORONTO (Sputnik) - More than 60 Canadian lawmakers called for Magnitsky law sanctions against Chinese officials responsible for alleged human rights

Squatter Spotter New! 2020-07-14 20:24:19US President Donald Trump’s former rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, has made an ominous prediction that The Donald may not leave White

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The Rise of Another CIA Yes-Man - Mike 2020-07-13 09:07:06by Ray McGovern (Consortium News) Exclusive: The gross manipulation of CIA analysis under George W. Bush pushed a new generation of “yes me

This Is How Propaganda's Supposed to Work: 60% 2020-07-13 09:07:01by Tyler Durden (Zero Hedge) It's the same Russiagate playbook that's sadly been the norm for years: breathless headlines are issued, the "walls ar

As Long as Mass Media Propaganda Exists, Democracy 2020-07-13 09:07:00by Caitlin Johnstone (Medium) A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has reportedly found that a majority of Americans believe the completely discredited narrative

Russian High School Students Fly LGBT Flag, Teacher 2020-07-13 08:07:57by Jonny Tickle (Russian Faith) A school in Russia's second-largest city has turned to the police after a rainbow flag was hung from a school flagpol

NEW: Easily Create a Free Blog on the 2020-07-10 09:07:34by Fabrizio Bulleri (Reclaim the Net) If you support freedom of speech subscribe to Reclaim The Net. A new alliance with Protocol Lab’

The Country of Georgia Never Closed Churches, and 2020-07-10 09:07:14by (Russian Faith) Georgia has been one of the most successful countries in fighting COVID, with a population of 3.7 million, it has only 1000 cases

Belgrade Erupts in Protest After New COVID-19 Lockdown 2020-07-10 08:07:48by (Anti-Empire) Mounted police used teargas and truncheons to disperse a crowd of several thousand protesters gathered outside the Serbian parl

Efforts to Censor Unz.com Backfire, Traffic Surges After 2020-07-09 07:07:45by Ron Unz (Unz Review) According to the old saying, it’s only an ill wind that blows no good. Whether true or not, America society has certain

Here's the Demographic Data on Americans Who Believe 2020-07-09 07:07:41by Audacious Epigone (Unz Review)

'Russian Bounties' Chutzpah: Actually US Taxpayers Have Paid 2020-07-09 07:07:35by Scott Horton (Anti-Empire)

The Beast That Has Controlled America for 150 2020-07-07 09:07:47by Dr. William Luther Pierce (Attack!) Editor's Note -This excellent article accurately describes the state of the US today, but was written in 1970!

Brazil President Bolsonaro's Deep Connections to Israel and 2020-07-07 09:07:46by Jazzhands McFeels () They call him the "Trump of the Tropics", and in one respect he is very similar to Trump, he is owned by powerful, Zionist J

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That’s 2020 for you: Twitter goes NUTS after New! 2020-07-14 17:45:02 An unlucky squirrel from Colorado has tested positive for bubonic plague, local health officials have said. With US Covid-19 cases soaring past the 3

Trump signs executive order and bill targeting China New! 2020-07-14 17:40:00 US President Donald Trump has signed legislation he said would punish Beijing for “oppressive acts” in Hong Kong and an executive order e

‘We raise hope’: Young nurse fights on Covid-19 New! 2020-07-14 17:30:47 Once a bustling city devastated during its liberation from Islamic State militants, Mosul is engaged in another life-and-death struggle – again

'We should be allowed to say what we New! 2020-07-14 17:27:08 ‘Luther’ star Idris Elba has pushed back against moves to censor past movies and television shows, saying he believes in “freedom o

WhatsApp outage causes international freakout New! 2020-07-14 16:27:00 Users of Facebook-owned messenger service WhatsApp are reporting outages around the globe, sending many scurrying onto other social media platforms t

Trump admin rescinds directive barring some foreign students New! 2020-07-14 15:27:00 The Trump administration has dropped a proposed policy that would have seen thousands of international students deported if their schools were offeri

Incredibly rare glimpse of one of universe’s biggest New! 2020-07-14 15:16:52 Astronomers at the Gemini-North Telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii have witnessed the afterglow of a short gamma ray burst located an astonishing 10

'For f*ck's sake!' Former Premier League team equals New! 2020-07-14 15:08:00 Stunned fans watched one of the most incredible results in English footballing history play out as Hull City, who were in the Premier League three ye

Anti-Trump Lincoln Project co-founder says past tweets shouldn’t New! 2020-07-14 14:44:13 The Lincoln Project, an anti-Donald Trump organization founded by Republicans, has fired its video editor Ben Howe for years-old tweets using female

Ghislaine Maxwell pleads NOT GUILTY to charges of New! 2020-07-14 14:42:00 Ghislaine Maxwell, the long-time confidante of Jeffrey Epstein, has pleaded not guilty to charges of supplying the late financier and convicted sex o

Tear gas deployed as anti-govt protesters clash with New! 2020-07-14 14:40:00 France’s national holiday has been marred by scuffles between police and protesters, as thousands of people took to the streets of Paris to dem

Banksy shares rare VIDEO of himself tagging London New! 2020-07-14 14:37:50 Mysterious British street artist Banksy has released a rare video of a man – presumably himself – painting rats on the London Underground

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Honest Photography From Dmitry Markov 2020-07-03 02:11:53The post Honest Photography From Dmitry Markov appeared first on English Russia.

Girls Who Have Just Graduated From Institutes 2020-07-01 04:37:45The post Girls Who Have Just Graduated From Institutes appeared first on English Russia.

Russian Wooden Houses Preserved Up to Date 2020-07-01 00:40:14The post Russian Wooden Houses Preserved Up to Date appeared first on English Russia.

Photos That Make Me Feel Nostalgic 2020-06-29 21:49:01The post Photos That Make Me Feel Nostalgic appeared first on English Russia.

The Main Historic Parade on Red Square 2020-06-29 06:20:59The post The Main Historic Parade on Red Square appeared first on English Russia.

Russian Military Collectable Figures 2020-06-28 09:15:31The post Russian Military Collectable Figures appeared first on English Russia.

Hollywood Characters Added to Soviet Movies 2020-06-27 05:58:16The post Hollywood Characters Added to Soviet Movies appeared first on English Russia.

How Russia Votes on Amendments to the Constitution 2020-06-25 23:16:38The post How Russia Votes on Amendments to the Constitution appeared first on English Russia.

Walking Along Soviet Streets 2020-06-25 00:34:14The post Walking Along Soviet Streets appeared first on English Russia.

Russian Fairy Tales: Photo Project of H. Herfort 2020-06-23 20:24:02The post Russian Fairy Tales: Photo Project of H. Herfort appeared first on English Russia.

Old Summer Houses of Saint Petersburg 2020-06-23 08:23:55The post Old Summer Houses of Saint Petersburg appeared first on English Russia.

Magic Made By Broken Bottles 2020-06-21 21:57:21The post Magic Made By Broken Bottles appeared first on English Russia.

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Fifth Night Of Anti-Government Protests In Belgrade Peaceful 2020-07-11 23:32:10Several thousand people gathered in front of the Serbian parliament building in Belgrade on July 11 for a fifth consecutive night of anti-government p

Former Russian Finance Minster Says Economy 'In Stagnation,' 2020-07-11 15:29:06A respected former Russian finance minster said the nation's economy is stagnating and the government needs to invest more in education and health in

Elon Musk Invites Family Of Famed Soviet Rocket 2020-07-11 13:33:54Elon Musk, the American entrepreneur and founder of aerospace company SpaceX, has invited the family of famed Soviet rocket scientist Sergei Korolev t

Srebrenica Commemorates 25 Years Since Genocide 2020-07-11 13:05:00A quarter of a century after the Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the remains of nine more victims were laid to rest at the Potocari memoria

Thousands March In Support Of Arrested Khabarovsk Governor 2020-07-11 11:55:00Thousands of people took to the streets of Russia’s Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk to protest the arrest of their regional governor on murder ch

Ukrainian Tycoon Kolomoyskiy Bidding For More Media Assets 2020-07-11 10:40:58A company controlled by Ukrainian billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskiy is bidding to manage the assets of a local media company, potentially giving the tycoon

Iran's Rohani Calls For Temporary Ban On Weddings, 2020-07-11 10:36:28Iranian President Hassan Rohani called for large public gatherings such as weddings and funerals to be temporarily banned to slow a rise in coronaviru

Riot Police Break Up Anti-Government Protests In Belgrade 2020-07-11 07:46:00Police fired tear gas to break up a demonstration in Serbia's capital on a fourth night of anti-government protests originally sparked by the country

Kyrgyz Chaos: Shortage Of Medics, Hospital Beds As 2020-07-11 05:28:00Kyrgyzstan is facing a severe shortage of medical specialists, hospital beds, and equipment as coronavirus infection rates have shot up in recent week

Siberia's 'Poles Of Cold' Are Obliterating Heat Records, 2020-07-11 05:26:03Average monthly temperatures in parts of northeastern Siberia were more than 5 degrees Celsius higher than usual, breaking the record for the previous

U.S. Convicts Russian Hacker Nikulin Over Massive Data 2020-07-11 05:07:50A jury in San Francisco has convicted Russian citizen Yevgeny Nikulin over a series of hacks and cyberthefts eight years ago that targeted major U.S.

Angry Khabarovsk Residents Rally In Support Of Arrested 2020-07-11 04:13:11Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Russia’s Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk to protest against the arrest of their regional governo

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Bike Lanes to Encircle Central Moscow in ‘New New! 2020-07-14 08:29:41The efforts echo pedestrianization efforts seen in other major world cities as the coronavirus has emptied streets of traffic.

Kremlin Urges 'Restraint' After Armenia-Azerbaijan Clashes New! 2020-07-14 07:46:00Russia is also "ready to provide mediation efforts" after the latest flare-up.

Russian Opposition Media Editor Quits Amid Wave of New! 2020-07-14 06:36:00The claims are the latest in a string of harassment scandals at some of Russia's main liberal media outlets.

Belarus Bars Jailed Lukashenko Rival From Contesting Vote New! 2020-07-14 06:22:00Viktor Babaryko was jailed in the run-up to the vote on suspicion of financial crimes.

Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | July 2020-07-14 05:27:00Russia opens up. Travel restrictions. Vaccine race.

Russian Soldiers Injured in Syrian Patrol Blast 2020-07-14 05:16:00Video showed the blast on a road in the Idlib region as a joint Russian-Turkish patrol passed nearby.

Arctic Spill Fuels Calls for Shakeup at Russian 2020-07-14 04:54:00Aluminum producer Rusal, which owns 28% in Norilsk Nickel, said it was "seriously concerned" over the recent accidents.

Disappearing Ink Sparks Corruption Allegations Against Moscow Officials 2020-07-14 04:50:14A Moscow lawmaker said officials use disappearing ink to raise prices on contracts and secretly pocket the difference.

Russia's Coronavirus Cases Approach 740K 2020-07-14 03:30:00More than 11,000 people in Russia have died from the virus.

Russia Lifts Quarantine for Arriving Foreigners Ahead of 2020-07-14 02:59:00Those who present negative coronavirus test results upon arrival will no longer be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Kremlin Pool Journalists Defend Ex-Colleague Indicted for Treason 2020-07-13 08:58:00In a rare joint video address, reporters from both state-run and independent outlets questioned Safronov's treason charges.

Kremlin Envoy in Far East as More Protest 2020-07-13 08:55:00Observers said the protests were the first such rallies in the region in recent decades.

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